Tuesday 3 March 2015

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Bean Model 6

Bean 14 Model 6 Tourer

14 H.P. Built in 1923 Index - SV 9172

This car was exported in 1923 to Australia and then re-imported in 2001 by the Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway.
It has been used on Bean Car Club Rallies both locally and in France.

Reliant 3 Wheeler


1949 Reliant 3 wheeler

Reliant 'Prince Regent'

Built in 1949 Index - FO 5654

Reliant took over Raleigh's design for three wheeled vehicles in 1935. This vehicle was found in a dismantled state in a collapsed garage in Wales. The restoration was started in 2005 and took two years to complete. The engine was rebuilt and is derived from an Austin 7. The bodywork was almost non existent but sufficient survived to be used as templates for new aluminium panels.

This fine example was restored by the late John Dagnall of Sittingbourne, Kent.

Morris 1000 Convertible


1968 Morris 1000

Morris 1000 Convertible.

First registered in 1968. Index - XAN 282 G

The Morris 1000 was a very popular small family car built between 1956 and 1971. They remain popular today as an enthusiast's car. This is an original convertible finished in Teal Blue, there are many such convertibles still around today but many of them are converted saloons.

This example has been garage stored for many years and has not been restored in any way, it has now been serviced and is in full running order.

Its previous lady owner lovingly name it 'Marigold'.