Wednesday 4 March 2015

No9. Limpopo

No9. Limpopo

A 0-6-0 tank/well tank built by John Fowler & Co (Leeds) Ltd. England in 1930. Works No. 18800.

The Sena Sugar Estates in Mozambique extended over a vast area and employed tens of thousands of workers. A number of mills served the estate and about 1911 Marromeu mill was constructed. This grew to be the principal mill on this huge complex and a 60 cm railway system was built to serve it.

A number of Fowler locomotives were purchased in 1911/1914 and after World War 1 (1918) a considerable number of German Army engines were acquired.

The company prospered and expanded. A steady stream of new locomotives were purchased over the period from 1920 to 1958, and this example of an 0-6-0 Fowler was delivered in 1930 and carried the S.S.E. No.17.

The Sena Sugar Estate mills and plantations were destroyed by the communists in the civil war about 1970. This locomotive was one of a number imported in 1998 in a derelict condition.

Following a ground up rebuild at BWLR this locomotive made its public debut at the Easter Sunday Open day 2003 where it ran light between the passenger trains. In a break from the norm it has retained its black livery and in honour of its original home railway in Mozambique now carries the name plate - LIMPOPO - the name of the great African river which reaches the sea in Mozambique.

No.9 Limpopo Works Plate